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Happy rajab

Rajab Mubarak!

In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.

Alhamdulillah, today is the first day of the sacred month of Rajab.

(قال رسول الله (ص
رَجَبٌ شَهرُ اللّه ِ الأصَبُّ يَصُبُّ اللّه ُ فِيهِ الرَّحمَةَ عَلى عِبادِهِ

The prophet Mohammad:

Rajab is the month of god and gods blessing to all. God rains down his blessings on people.


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Rajab shaban ramadhan

The Birthday of the Prophet, The Celebration

The Birthday of the ProphetEwtfw

Muslims honor the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. And this year, we  celebrated the birth of  Muhammad. we hels ceremony and celebrated. Gathered with some refreshments and spent some time toghether. In all muslims eids join us if you live in western mass. It was a very nice evening and refreshing. 

we will be happe to see more and more people muslim or non muslim in our gatherings. so even if you are not a muslim join us and lets have a fun time in our eids and give eachother the gift of hope and happyness.

Mohammad Prophet's Birthday

Prophet's Birthday

Sunni Muslims observe the Prophet Muhammed's (also known as Mohammed or Muhammad) birthday on the 12th day of the Islamic month of Rabi' al-awwal, while Shi'a Muslims mark it on the 17th of this month. Muhammed is believed to be the prophet in islam and the last one.

mohamad profet photo

What Do People Do?

There are mixed beliefs on how one observes Muhammed's birthday. Some people see the Prophet's birthday as an event worthy of praise. Others view the celebration of birthdays as contradictory to Islamic law.  Both sides cite the Hadith (narrations originating from the words and deeds of the Prophet Muhammed) and events from Muhammed's life to support their views.

Mawlid, or Milad, is celebrated with large street parades in some countries. Homes and mosques are also decorated. Some people donate food and other goods for charity on or around this day. Others listen to their children read out poems about events that occurred in the Prophet Muhammed's life. Mawlid is celebrated in this way in many communities across the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia.


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Talk about superstitions & violence in islam

Talk about superstitions & violence in islam 

Eid al fitr celebration 17 July

We just had a very nice talk/ seminar about how superstitions controbute to the wrong violent and ignorant actions in name of islam. as muslims it is one of our main duties to understand how our believes are shaped and how healthy we think and understand subjects. Thats why we hold these events and talks to go deeper into what has shaped what we belive and how close we are to the true islam and what health means in islam as a core believe.

for future events make sure join our email list and website and let us know you are interested.

God be with you


Islam means HEALTH & making peace the main mission of muslims

Islam means HEALTH & making peace the main mission of muslims

As one of the most important points that plays a very important role in understanding the main concepts of islam and quran keywords. We have gone over the consiquences and differences that it makes what islam is translated to and how it helps you understand other islamic concepts. we have talked about it in our seminars and gatherings just last week. you can join us in next events and gatherings and also watch our videos in revealer TV. you ca email us about our upcoming community activities and gatherings.


Watch our videos in Revealer TV

Watch our videos in Revealer TV 

join us in revealer TV in youtube and watch our videos about islam and quran keywords.

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our recent gatherings, Doa and quran reading

Our recent gatherings, Doa and quran reading


We held Quran reading sessions and Doa in Moharam. Its always nice to see people of the community and get along, pray and renew our relations. we invite you all in mass to join us in gatherings and events and meet every month or week.

Happy Al-Ghadeer Eid

Happy Al-Ghadeer Eid

There will be a celebration ceremony on the eid day. join us everybody and let's celebrate and have a peaceful day.

Eid al ghadeer

Amherst, muslims gather to celebrate the eid

Amherst, muslims gather to celebrate the eid 



Western Mass muslims gathered in amherst-ma to celebrate the eid, talk and spend some peacful time together.

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Muslims of USA IRH condemns Orlando massacre

Muslims of USA IRH condemns Orlando massacre orlando islam muslims usa irh

This is a message from Musims of US IRH association to condemn outrageous massacre in Orlando. It is stated in Quran (5:32) that whoever kills an inocent man, it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. Whoever kills an innocent human being is not muslim . All that we see from orlando massacre is against Islam goals and ideas. Islam is rooted from /slm/ which means health and accordingly the literal meaning of Islam is “entering to health”. Thus, acting agaist the healthiness of people is against Islam by definition. Such a horrible tragedy is not only about humanity but it is also against Islamic beliefs and philosophies. Islam is to bring  peace and health to people, not causing  damage and fear. To be a Muslim nessecitates to make healthful actions. Anyone can falsely call himself Muslim but it is his actions which reveals his real attitude. Thus, The shooter, who acted against his own and others health and took life of innocent people was not a muslim and the ourageous crime was an anti-Islam act. We feel deep sympathy with all people and families that have been effected with this horrible tragedy, God bless all of them.


Looking forward to stop abusing religions for making the crimes

With a strong wish to feel healthiness and peace in the world

Muslims of USA IRH


June 2016


Muslims of US classes to Learn quran for women


quranMuslims of US classes to Learn quran and Understand the true meanings of Quran

In these classes that are only for women, you can get to know the true meaning of Quran translations and interpretations. Also Basics and essencials of Quran will be thought. 

quran for women

To get more Info and apply for the classes please email us to this email :

The teacher and instructer is SeyedehSara khatami for all Qurann classes for women.

Amherst common gathering, distributing and donating books

Gathering, distributing and donating books. 

April 9th Amherst Common.

amherst muslim us irh

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Interfaith concert 2016 in UMASS Amherst

Interfaith Concert

“Interfaith concert” is an interfaith event in which music bands from different religions perform their sacred songs in a single concert. In spite of many other interfaith events in which people just discuss and talk about their beliefs, the idea behind this event is to unite different religions with the help of the common language of music and gather them around religious experience rather than belief.  We think that the experience people gain through performing sacred music is common in different religion, though in verified belief systems.

interfaith concert umass

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The Story of The Forgotten Religion

Watch our new video we have just published.

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The Story of The Forgotten Religion

Mobarak Rabi-al-aval and donation for Muslims

Muslims of United States IRH as an Islamic non-profit organization which considers supporting Muslims community on all aspects including financial emergency needs, as a fortune of entering Rabi-al-aval will accept donations for helping other members of community and will devote collected donations for covering financial needs of the most deprived members of our community based on application forms will be received by 12/24/2015.

Happy rabi ul awwal by murtuza1997d5rhgkf

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717 people died and 863 were injured in a stampede near the holy city of Mecca on Thursday.

May there be a world in which wisdom and knowledge is widespread and ignorance and unawareness is eradicated. The Hajj, is one of the most important rituals of Muslims. However, the Quran, Muslim’s holy book, has mentioned some conditions for performing it. If any of those conditions is not satisfied, the Hajj is not mandatory and the Muslims person shouldn’t perform the Hajj.hajj 2015

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IRH Association strongly condemns Paris Terrorist Attacks.

IRH Association strongly condemns Paris Terrorist terrorist attacks 2015

Watch the videos and help us spread peace

Lets Pray for Paris 
The best way of stopping terrorism is fighting the idea behind it.
We believe Ignorance is the main root of Islamic Terrorism and its our main goal to eliminate Ignorance from all Muslims Communities.

#Paris #terror #isis #islamicterror

Join IRH Muslims of us Peace Campain

Join IRH Muslims of us Peace CampaignPeace islam muslim usa

All our projects are to make a more peaceful world. But it's only in a peaceful world that our educating, knowlege spreadign and humanitarian projects can make a lasting impact. It is not true that a sound of a single bomb is lauder than sound of wisdom but it can distract people from follownig the way of knowlege and visdom. 

Muslims of usa association is planning to build a modern mosque

Muslims of usa association is planning to build a modern mosque 

We are gathering architechtural designers, muslim students expert in design, material, structure and sustainability to research and build a modern musque in new england area.

Alresala mosque


fo more info to joun us in this project please contact us with info @

What happened in Amherst 17 July 2015, fitr celebration by Muslims of us IRH

Eid al fitr celebration Amherst 17 July western mass news by Muslims of united states IRH

Check out the gallery

Eid al fitr celebration 17 July

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What happened in Amherst July 2015, Iftar by Muslims of us IRH

Here you can see the photo album of our Iftar event held in Amhest Common

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IFTAR in Amherst 2015

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Muslims of US Ramadan events

We are holding different event this Ramadan, Check out the details from the link below and jon us in Amherst, western MA, USA

Ramadan Events

Grand Fitr Contest, Learn the meanings, earn the winnings

Grand Fitr Contest

$500 Contest
Learn the meanings, earn the winnings

Muslims of United States IRH, holds Grand Fitr Contest on July 17. You can easily participate in the contest and enjoy the chance of winning $500.

Participation Instruction:
At the day of Iftar, July 12, "Islam, religion of health" books are distributed among volenteers of participation in the contest.

You can also downlowd the PDF version of the book from the website of Muslims of United States:

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Seminars That we held in MOUS Association

Seminars That we held in Muslims of the United States Association:

Importance of Social Activities in Islam            Mr. Hadianpour          May 1st
History of Beginning of Islam Mrs. Tabatabaei June 14th
Music in Islam Dr. Borgheai June 28th
"Khums", "Zakat" and "Riba" in Islam Dr. Kashefi July 12th
"Din" form Viewpoint of Science Mr. Jazayeri July 26th
"Din" in Islam Mr. Kaboli August 9th
Islam and its Principles Master Babaee August 23rd

Read more in the article 

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Muslims of United States association seminars in CT and Future events

Muslims of United States association held more than 15 seminars in CT about the studies and researches we made on different aspect of Islam and Islamic resources. We continued and held 4 seminars this Spring 2015 in University of Mass Amherst and our centers. We participated and presented our reserch outcomes and results in American Academy of Religion both in Baltimore Conferene and Boston Conference. We have accomplished a lot and we are moving toward like always.

We are going to plan some events for this Ramadan and summer in Massacussetts springfield area. Keep up with our newsletters and updates for next events. 



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