Talk about superstitions & violence in islam

Talk about superstitions & violence in islam 

Eid al fitr celebration 17 July

We just had a very nice talk/ seminar about how superstitions controbute to the wrong violent and ignorant actions in name of islam. as muslims it is one of our main duties to understand how our believes are shaped and how healthy we think and understand subjects. Thats why we hold these events and talks to go deeper into what has shaped what we belive and how close we are to the true islam and what health means in islam as a core believe.

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Happy Al-Ghadeer Eid

Happy Al-Ghadeer Eid

There will be a celebration ceremony on the eid day. join us everybody and let's celebrate and have a peaceful day.

Eid al ghadeer

The Story of The Forgotten Religion

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The Story of The Forgotten Religion

717 people died and 863 were injured in a stampede near the holy city of Mecca on Thursday.

May there be a world in which wisdom and knowledge is widespread and ignorance and unawareness is eradicated. The Hajj, is one of the most important rituals of Muslims. However, the Quran, Muslim’s holy book, has mentioned some conditions for performing it. If any of those conditions is not satisfied, the Hajj is not mandatory and the Muslims person shouldn’t perform the Hajj.hajj 2015

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Seminars That we held in MOUS Association

Seminars That we held in Muslims of the United States Association:

Importance of Social Activities in Islam            Mr. Hadianpour          May 1st
History of Beginning of Islam Mrs. Tabatabaei June 14th
Music in Islam Dr. Borgheai June 28th
"Khums", "Zakat" and "Riba" in Islam Dr. Kashefi July 12th
"Din" form Viewpoint of Science Mr. Jazayeri July 26th
"Din" in Islam Mr. Kaboli August 9th
Islam and its Principles Master Babaee August 23rd

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