Muslims of USA IRH condemns Orlando massacre

Muslims of USA IRH condemns Orlando massacre orlando islam muslims usa irh

This is a message from Musims of US IRH association to condemn outrageous massacre in Orlando. It is stated in Quran (5:32) that whoever kills an inocent man, it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. Whoever kills an innocent human being is not muslim . All that we see from orlando massacre is against Islam goals and ideas. Islam is rooted from /slm/ which means health and accordingly the literal meaning of Islam is “entering to health”. Thus, acting agaist the healthiness of people is against Islam by definition. Such a horrible tragedy is not only about humanity but it is also against Islamic beliefs and philosophies. Islam is to bring  peace and health to people, not causing  damage and fear. To be a Muslim nessecitates to make healthful actions. Anyone can falsely call himself Muslim but it is his actions which reveals his real attitude. Thus, The shooter, who acted against his own and others health and took life of innocent people was not a muslim and the ourageous crime was an anti-Islam act. We feel deep sympathy with all people and families that have been effected with this horrible tragedy, God bless all of them.


Looking forward to stop abusing religions for making the crimes

With a strong wish to feel healthiness and peace in the world

Muslims of USA IRH


June 2016


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