Seminars That we held in MOUS Association

Seminars That we held in Muslims of the United States Association:

Importance of Social Activities in Islam            Mr. Hadianpour          May 1st
History of Beginning of Islam Mrs. Tabatabaei June 14th
Music in Islam Dr. Borgheai June 28th
"Khums", "Zakat" and "Riba" in Islam Dr. Kashefi July 12th
"Din" form Viewpoint of Science Mr. Jazayeri July 26th
"Din" in Islam Mr. Kaboli August 9th
Islam and its Principles Master Babaee August 23rd

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Seminars we held in Muslims of the United States Association we are getting them ready and creating summeries for you so you could read them all online, click here to see the ones that are ready : Seminars

List of all seminars:

1. Imitation (Following, Taghlid) in Islam : (تقلید در اسلام)
2. Islam and Women singing : (آواز خواندن زن در اسلام) 
3. Haj in Islam (حج)
4. Fasting in  Islam : (روزه در اسلام)
5. Beared in Islam : (ریش در اسلام)
6.Charety in Islam : (صدقه)
7. Pureness (esmat) in Islam : (عصمت) 
8. Ghosl or Ablution in Islam: (غسل)
9. Nazr in Islam: (نذر در اسلام)
10. Riba in Islam:(ربا در اسلام)
11. Khoms in Islam: (خمس در اسلام)
12. Zakat in Islam: (زکات در اسلام)
13. Compensation for forgotten or passed salaat (prayers): (احمام نماز قضا)
14. Ablution in islam (vuzu): (وضو در اسلام)
15. Vaghf in islam :(وقف در اسلام)
16. guiding others to the good things and denying them from bad things:(امر به معروف و نهی از منکر)
17. Nejasat and Najes in Islam: ( نجاست در اسلام)
18. How the Quran was got all together :(نحوه تدوین و جمع آوری قرآن در صدر اسلام)
19. Musics in Islam : (موسبقی در اسلام)
20. Hijaab In Islam: (حجاب در اسلام)


click here to see the ones that are ready : Seminars

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