Al-fitr celebration of 2016 in amherst common MA

Muslims of US IRH Association Held Al-fitr (Ramadan) celebration of 2016 in amherst common MA

We Muslims of Amherst and the surrounding areas in wesy MA celebrated the end of Ramadan with a social gathering on the Amherst Town Common on Thursday evening. We expected about 100 Muslims to celebrate the second annual event, which was open to the general public and many people from other believes also joined us in Fitr. It was a very frienfly and nice gathering served with a very nice food sponsored by TOP Kabab (Halal food in Amherst). 

Here are some photos from the event so you can see what happened in Fitr 2016 in Amherst:


al-fitr celebration usa
fitr 2016 usa irh
IRH fitr 2016

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