Islam; the way of health

Islam - The Way of Health

What is the meaning of Islam? Does it mean submission? Islam is religion of health not submission. This book proves literally that Islam does not mean submission at all. Reasoning is based on knowledge, wisdom, and evidence. No scholar is able to reject it by any scientific reason or logic of Qur’an. This book reveals an absolute and undeniable fact that had been hidden amidst the lost reality of religions. Islam is the way of health.

 In this book, the meaning of Islam has been investigated from an etymological point of view. The term ‘Islam’ (‘اسلام’) is rooted from ‘سلم’ which means “entering to health” and it has become transitive by taking it to “باب الافعال”. Therefore its literal meaning is “making healthy and giving health”.

  The Islam religion means “the way of making healthy and giving health and avoiding harm”. This is the truth meaning of Islam. Name is the main representative of a school of thought, especially about Islam religion, which according to the Muslim’s beliefs, God himself has determined its name in the holy book of Qur’an[1]. The name of Islam reflects the structure, basic concept and content of the religion. Every rule and command of the Islam religion has to follow this structure, and results in health. Everyone who hears the truth meaning of Islam realizes what this way is. What he/she has to avoid and what should do. 

 This book discusses historically why this meaning has been concealed throughout the history; the most important reason is the warrior spirit of Muslims during the first decades after its prophet’s death. While based on Islamic faith, followers, leaders, and Islamic societies should not do anything that leads to harm or hurt in family, society, and nature.

 It is demonstrated how fruitful this new meaning could be. In such Islamic society: 1) suicide, war, and despotism is denounced. 2) Protecting the environment is the most significant feature. 3) Gaining knowledge and cognition, freedom of thought and speech are most admirable behaviors.



[1] Al imranSurah, verse 85- MaidahSurah, Verse 3




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Islam is the way of health


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Islam is the way of health



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  • 1. MUSLIMS OF USA (link) | 16 Sep 2014

Regarding “مکروا و مکر اللَّه واللَّه خیر الماکرین”, (Quran 3:54)
I am sorry that both critics of Islam as well as the respondents do not have enough etymological knowledge and what they do as translation of Quran is Eisegesis (interpretation which introduces one's own presuppositions, agendas, or biases).
In Arabic etymology, “ مکر \Makr\” means “planning in hidden” which this being hidden might be due to different reasons. Thus, the verse “مکروا و مکر اللَّه واللَّه خیر الماکرین” (Quran 3:54) should be translated as “You plan in hidden and Allah plans in hidden, however, Allah plans for the bests”
When humans plan in hidden, it might be for abusing goals. This is due to the fact that humans have a lot of needs and they plan in secret to satisfy their needs. However this could not be true for Allah who is needless (as believed in Islam) and so, it is stupid to say that Allah may abuse humans. Therefore, the Devine hidden planning could not be for abusing. However, Devine’s plans might seem hidden because humans are limited in their five senses and are not able to understand all of the Devine reasons. Thus, the interpretation of this verse is “They plan in hidden because of their needs that this planning might be good or evil. A lot of Allah’s plans are also hidden, both from human’s senses and human’s knowledge. But, because Allah is needless, always his plans are for humans’ good

Mike Anderson
  • 2. Mike Anderson | 16 Sep 2014

The greatest proof that Allah is Satan in Islam.

There are quite few verses to prove but I will use Koran.3;54 and its original meaning to make everything clear to you all. It says in Arabic: ومكروا ومكر الله والله خير الماكرين Transliteration: Wamakaroo wamakara Allahu waAllahu khayru almakireena. Literal: And they cheated/deceived and Allah cheated/deceived, and Allah (is) the best (of) the cheaters/deceivers. (Koran.3;54).

Now let’s discuss the topics;

POINT 1} Islam wants us (non-Muslims) to believe that Allah deceived the followers of Jesus by making it appear to them that Jesus died on the Cross while it wasn’t really Him. (Koran.4;157).

Islam wants us (non-Muslims) to believe that Allah even deceived all Christian’s with corrupted the Gospel that FITS with Allah’s deception on the Cross! Because the Gospel states that Jesus died on the Cross because He was accused of blasphemy for claiming to be Divine Son of God. So according to the Gospel Jesus was accused of blasphemy because He claimed to be the Divine Son of God, which logically led to His death on the Cross!

600 years after Jesus, Islam tells us that Jesus did not die on the Cross instead Allah deceived every one by making it appear that it was Jesus on the Cross while it was NOT Him! As if that not evil enough, Allah deceived Christians with a corrupted Gospel that agrees with his evil deception because the Gospel FITS with Allah making it appear to Jesus followers that He died on the Cross! And after all, the Gospel tells us that Jesus died on the Cross because He was accused of blasphemy.

So evil Allah even deceived all Christians with a corrupted Gospel that estates that Jesus died on the Cross because He was accused of blasphemy for claiming to be the Divine Son of God. Its logical that Jesus put to death if He was accused of blasphemy but according to Islam that didn’t happen. Jesus didn’t claim to be the Divine Son of God, which logically led to His Crucifixion instead Allah deceived every one with a corrupted Gospel and by first makes it appear that Jesus died on the Cross while it did not happen!

This is the INSANITY that Islam wants us (non-Muslims) to believe 600 years after Jesus without ANY EVIDENCE. So I won’t hesitate at all to say that Islam is downright Satanic, ridiculous and Anti-Christ.

POINT 2} In the view of the special significance of the Koranic Christ, we must recognize the fact that 600 years after the supernatural birth of His (God|) only Son, God would not have sent the angel Gabriel to Mecca to tell Mohammad that He, the Living God, has no Son! And the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ would never contradict and deny the historical facts of the Crucifixion since the purpose of His Son’s birth was to die on the Cross to take away the sins of the world. If Islam claims that Mohammad received real inspiration, and then it was another spirit, a false spirit, the spirit of darkness and NOT the Holy Spirit who inspired Mohammad, God does NOT lie.

This leads us to the conclusion. The spirit who call himself Allah and claims to have inspired Mohammad cannot be the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Instead he is the “spirit full of lies”, who took upon himself the old Arabic name of God, “Allah,” wearing it over his face just like a mask and claiming to be God, although he is NOT God. Allah in Islam is an unclean spirit of Satan, who rules with great power in a religious disguise to this very day. (John.8;30-48).

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