Grand Fitr Contest, Learn the meanings, earn the winnings

Fitr is the celebration of health

Eid al fitr

Grand Fitr Contest in Eid al fitr celebration 17 July   

Fitr is the celebration of health

$500 Contest free to enter
Learn the meanings, earn the winnings

Muslims of United States IRH, holds Grand Fitr Contest on July 17, 4-6 pm. You can easily participate in the contest and enjoy the chance of winning $500.

Participation Instruction:
At the day of Iftar, July 12, "Islam, religion of health" books are distributed among volenteers of participation in the contest.

You can also downlowd the PDF version of the book from the website of Muslims of United States:

Downlod the Questions from the book newQuestions from the book new (115.67 KB)


To prepare for contest day, make sure to read and understand the major ideas and points of the Islam book. Then consider reading the questions at the back of this paper. On the day of the contest, participants would have to answer to the same questions but with multiple choices to select from.

On the day of contest, July 17, all volunteers are required to be present in the event in person. Then a draw would be made among all volunteers and 20 of them would be selected to participate in the contest. These 20 individuals would receive 10 multiple choice questions. The best score receives the $500 prize.

Hope to see you in the contest


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