Sirat al-mostaghim الصراط المستقيم

serat al-mostaghim (/ṣirāṭ/ /al/ /mustaqym/)

The word /sirāṭ/

/sirāṭ/ that has changed into /ṣirāṭ/ through history, is driven from the root /sarata/. Meaning of /Sarata/ is close to “to swallow”.

To swallow is not only about eating, basically /sarata/ means when something drags something else into itself and makes it as part of itself like “to Assimilate” or “to unify’ .

Like a drop of water that dissolves in the ocean  and the ocean  absorbs it.  

so /ṣirāṭ/ means, when something is absorbing something else and  dissolving it in itself


The word / Mustaqym /

/ Mustaqym / is driven from the root / Qawama / and / Qāma /  which means to arise

/Mustaqym / has been derived in the form /Mustafil / that make the root to mean who seeks being subject of a verb.

/Mustaqym/  means seeking to be arisen. It does not mean straight.

So /Mustaqym/  refers to someone who wants all his potentials to be actualized and become apparent.


So /ṣirāṭ/ /al/ /mustaqym/ means that we seek our actualization, flourishing and making our powers and abilities arisen and apparent through a confrontation with God and through being  unified with God in that encounter. 

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