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muslim social activity

Events about community Praying and quran 

Muslims of USA Nodbe, Komail and Tavasol professional performers.

Our professional performing staff are a true gift for us in USA. we hold differrent events and ilamic talks for interpritations of quran and praying.

You can find the details about our new events here or email us for the most recent events updates.


Books Distributions Reports

Publishing and distribution of Islamic literatures as a gift to society has always been a rule in propagation of Islam.


Supported Students

Muslims of United States Association is honored to support 25 Graduate and Undergraduate students from different majors in the United States


Ask our Islam experts anything

As a high level islamic studies academic oganization, one of our concerns is to make the best out of our valuable staff and reseachers for any muslim or non muslim wondering to know about islam the best info an advise about islam. 




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