Alamin “الحمد لله رب العالمین ” meaning in quran

Alamin “الحمد لله رب العالمین ” meaning in quran



Are you a Muslim?

If you say yes, surely you recite سوره الفاتحه /sūrah l-fātiḥah/ several times every day.

But Have you ever thought about the meaning of “رب العالمین” /Rabbil ālamin/?

In most of the translations, it is translated to “the lord of the worlds”.

But let’s look at the dictionaries and lexicons.

In Mufradat-Ul-Quran we see that “عالم” / ālam/ is “اسم الآلة” /ismul ālat/ which means a tool to gain knowledge, like خاتم /khātam/ and طابع /tāba/ where they are اسم الآلة /ismul ālat/ as well.

عالمین /ālamin/ is the plural of عالم /ālam/, is rooted from علم /ilm/.

When علم /ilm/ is used in the form of فاعل /fāal/, it takes the meaning of a tool and so means “tools of gaining knowledge”.

It’s like خاتم /khatam/ from the root ختم /khatama/which means “to end” and since it is used in the form of فاعَل, it means tool to end.

In the past, خاتم /khatam/ was referred to a ring to end the letters; or طابع /tāba/ from the root طبع /taba’a/ which means “to seal”, and طابع /tāba/ was referred to a tool to seal the letters.

Therefore, الحمد لله رب العالمین /alhamdu lellahe rabbel ālamin/ means Praise is for the God who is the developer of tools to gain knowledge.

What we can understand from this verse is that whatever human sees, hears, touches, tastes and smells, and generally whatever is called universe, from Quran’s perspective is only a tool to gain knowledge and to learn; a tool which is in possession of human.

If we; Muslims, considered everything as a tool for reaching knowledge and wisdom, could it still be possible to abuse the unawareness of the Muslims?

Wouldn’t the Muslims be the pioneers and leaders in science, wisdom and peace-finding by this perspective?

Do you think Quran’s distortion is only limited to this single word? There are lots of other words in the Quran which are miss-translated and their real meaning is distorted.

In fact, distortion is impossible in the Qur’an itself, these are the translations that have deviated this Devine miracle from its real nature.