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Ablution in Islam

Ablution in Islam Meaning/ Translation of Ghosl/Vozu (Ablution) in english: ab·lu·tion noun noun: ablution; plural noun: ablutions the act of washing oneself (often used for humorously formal effect). “the women performed their ablutions” a ceremonial act of washing parts of the body or sacred containers. late Middle English: from Latin ablutio(n-), from abluere, from ab- […]

Book Distributions Reports

Publishing and distribution of Islamic literatures as a gift to society has always been a rule in propagation of Islam. Here is a report of free distributed books by Association for Muslims of United States: *** Next Book distribution will be held on August 23 in Berlin Mosque, Berlin and Hartford Area Islamic centers and […]

Student Support Program

Muslims of United States Association is honored to support 25 Graduate and Undergraduate students from different majors in the United States as posted here: University Graduate Students Undergrad Students Majors University of Massachusetts Amherst 10 – Science, Engineering, Humanity University of New Hampshire 3 – Science, Engineering University of Connecticut 1 – Science University of Massachusetts […]

Ask our Islam experts anything

Here you can ask our islam experts any islamic issues you have As a high level islamic studies academic oganization, one of our concerns is to make the best out of our valuable staff and reseachers for any muslim or non muslim wondering to know about islam the best info an advise about islam. You […]

Events & gatherings

This year we are holding different events for Ramadan and other gaherings to spread peace love and true islam, Click on the posters for more info: – Interfaith spritual music concert event in Umass Amherst 14th April 2016  – Amherst common gathering, ditrobuting and donating books and celebrating Rajab 09th April 2016 – Iftar event for  25 […]

Emergency Financial Aid

Here is the Emergency Financial Aid Application Check Out the eligibility and application process. email us for any more info. emergency-financial-aid-application.pdf (270.33 KB)