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Meaning of Jabar (جبّار)

Meaning of Jabar (جبّار) Jabbar If you are a Muslim, Surly you have heard the word /Jabbār/ How do you feel when you hear the word /jabbār/? What ordinary people feel when they hear this word, is a powerful, angry and unmerciful person. But let’s look at lexicons: /Jabbār/ is the active participle for the […]

Mojrim ( مجرم ) meaning in quran

Mojrim ( مجرم ) meaning in quran In many Quran interpretations and translations, the word Mojrem /mojrim/, is translated as someone who did something wrong, which means guilty. But when we take a look at lexicons we find out a different meaning. Mojrem /mojrim/, blocked fruit. not being beneficiary.   An existence that is prolific […]

What is the meaning of “ISLAM”?

Islam Meaning What is the meaning of “ISLAM”? What does “ISLAM” truly means? Do you believe Islam is the religion of terror? Watch the video to find out what is islam meaning… Islam: Religion of Health and not Submission     The name of any religion represents one of the hallmarks of that religion. Do […]

ZAKAT, what is it and what zakat means?

What is zakat? Are you a Muslim? Have you ever thought about “zəˈkät” and philosophy of paying it?     According to lexicons “zəˈkät” has two meanings: Growth and development Purity and cleanliness It seems that “ah-luh” has determined “zəˈkät” as a medium for purity and development of aliment among his servants. In many verses […]