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Sirat al-mostaghim الصراط المستقيم meaning in quran

Sirat al-mostaghim الصراط المستقيم meaning in quran   serat al-mostaghim (/ṣirāṭ/ /al/ /mustaqym/) The word /sirāṭ/ /sirāṭ/ that has changed into /ṣirāṭ/ through history, is driven from the root /sarata/. Meaning of /Sarata/ is close to “to swallow”. To swallow is not only about eating, basically /sarata/ means when something drags something else into itself […]

Rahman (رحمن) meaning in quran

Rahman (رحمن) Etymology The word “رحمن“, “Rahman” means one who perpetually and permanently satisfies all the needs of a creature in the best way possible. Compassion and mercy is a feeling that is created from understanding the pain and affliction of others and it causes the creature to help the sufferer. Therefore “رحمن” on the […]

Rahim (رحیم) Meaning in quran

Rahim (رحیم) Etymology The word “رحیم“, “Rahim” means one who perceives and understands all the needs of a creature better than himself and helps to him satisfy all his needs in the best way possible and helps him in relieving all his pains and miseries. Rahim is rooted from “رحم” on the strength of “فعیل” […]

Meaning for Nur (نور) in quran

Meaning for Nur (نور) In the translations of Quran, the word “نور” “Nur” has been mistranslated to “Light”, ‘Good and Evil” and so forth. The Word “Nur” means “one who reveals manifests and uncovers”.” الله نور السماوات و الارض” (Allah is the Nur of the heavens and the earth) means, God is the revealer, the […]

Meaning of Karim (کریم) in quran

Karim (کریم) The word “کریم“, “Karim” means a person who helps others and gives to them without any expectations. All creatures are needy because they are bounded and limited. Therefore, all the actions of creatures are for satisfying their needs. When a creature gives or helps, he certainly expects that one of his needs to […]

Meaning of Samad (صمد) in Quran

Meaning of Samad (صمد) in Quran Etymology The root “Samad” or “صمد” has two meanings: the first is “intention” and the next is a solid object, which is completely saturated, where there is no empty space in it, and has no disorder or harm in itself. In fact, the first meaning of “Samad” is intending […]

Meaning of Allah (الله)

Meaning of Allah (الله) Etymology  Three roots have been enumerated [1] for “الله”: 1. “اله” means an entity that existence of other things depends on it. For example when a person stands in front of a mirror his image entirely depends on the person being reflected in it. In fact the person is “اله” of […]

Ahad (احد) Translation and meaning

Ahad (احد) Etymology In fact it is “وحد” which its “و” was changed into “أ” because of alleviation. Meaning Ahad (احد) is sometimes used as a noun (as:احد عشر ) and sometimes is used as adjective. As an adjective it means “uncountable”. Ahad is not synonym of “واحد”. Wherever we say something is “واحد”, it […]

Religion in Islam

Religion in Islam Religion: Investigating the meaning of the term “دین” ([din]) both etymologically and also by its usage in Quran is an effective step in knowing religions, including Islam. The term “دین” in Arabic language is taken from Semitic language which means law. This term has been also used in Quran with the same […]

Islam: Religion of Health and not Submission

Islam: Religion of Health and not Submission Islam: Religion of Health : Name is the main representative of a school of thought, especially about Islam religion, which according to the Muslim’s beliefs, God himself has determined its name in the holy book of Qur’an[1]. Islam mostly has been translated and interpreted as submission. In this article […]