Meaning of Jabar (جبّار)

Meaning of Jabar (جبّار)


If you are a Muslim, Surly you have heard the word /Jabbār/

How do you feel when you hear the word /jabbār/?

What ordinary people feel when they hear this word, is a powerful, angry and unmerciful person.

But let’s look at lexicons:

/Jabbār/ is the active participle for the root /Jabr/

/Jabr/ literally means to compensate some unfortunate thing by force, healing a broken bone or bone-setting. –The opposite of breaking.

So /Jabbār/ means someone who heals the defected or broken part by force.

In fact, in contrast to the common understanding, the word /Jabbār/ describes the exaggerated maternal kindness of a powerful person, which uninterruptedly uses his power for compensating and healing of others as a result of his mercy and kindness.

So /Jabbār/ should be defined as:

The compassionate and powerful God,

The powerful healer,

And, the great healer and compensator of our ruined being