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قال الرسول الله (ص): لا فقرَ اَشدُّ مِنَ الجَهلِ ، لا مالَ اَعودُ مِن العَقلِ

The prophet says: “There is no poverty stricter than ignorance and no property more beneficial than wisdom”

What we are to do

Poorness is not only about shortcoming of wealth; it can also be attributed to the lack of knowledge. Muslims of United States Association is a non-profit full-volunteer organization founded by open minded and free intelectual shia muslims & graduate scholars for removing the poorness of knowledge about Islam through cultural and scholar activities on islam religeon. Our goal is to build a worldwide scientific and respectful image of Islam and Muslims as is advised frequently by our prophet and in Quran.

Crusades Wars is a good historical evidence of cultural movement power. Throughout these wars, around 2,000,000 people died, surely much more than the number of people who died by poverty and hunger at that era. However, there are many scholars who believe that one of the main motives of Renaissance was translation of Islamic books through translation centers such as Toledo (in Spain) rather than religious wars. Thus, cultural activities have shown to be more effective and less harmful.

Our Goal

The present image of Islam in recent years has gone far from what was at Middle Ages when Muslims were scientific pioneers. We want to revitalize the golden scientific image of our religion by making reasonable relations between science and religion through research projects, publications and presentations. We want to scientifically defend and introduce Islam. We want to do studies on true meanings and concepts of many distorted terms and translations and understandings in Islam.


Our activities can mainly be categorized as follows:

  • Holding Islamic (Shia) prayer events
  • Researching on Islamic issues from a scientific point of view such as:
  • Islamic Etymological Encyclopedia Project
  • Relation of Science and Religion project
  • Publishing  the results  as books and papers, presenting articles at conferences and holding seminars
  • Publishing books such as: Islam; The Religion of Health, Hamd and Tawheed Surah,  Inner World.
  • Presenting articles at AAR (American Academy of Religion) Annual Meeting 2013
  • Holding  Seminars at West Hartford Center or our other centers.
  • Holding social events and religous ceremonies for Members and other muslim communities
  • Destrobuting books for free in events and co-working on different seminars and events related to our gouls
  • Supporing, sponsoring and creating Multimedia video works to illustrate the results of our researches and projects.

Financially Help Muslims’ student at United States to make a successful scholar image of Muslims’ students.

You can join this cultural activity at our website:    www.Muslims-us.org

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