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Whatch Revealer TV

Stop The wars by removing the cause

Help us in our cultural movements for peace

Help us to stop false Islamic beliefs

Help us to make peace by stopping false knowledge about Islam

The most effective way to eradicate wars and cruelty and to dominate peace in the world is cultural, through providing legitimate knowledge and genuine education. Weapon is not the cure for weapon. Killing is not the solution for killing. Wars arise in ignorance and only knowledge is the cure for ignorance. Analyzing the reasons for wars in modern days, we can see its major reason is distorted Islamic beliefs. These deceitful beliefs dare people to kill each other as their Islamic duties. The false beliefs adorn their sin as a virtue. Thus, the best way to stop the wars is to struggle the beliefs by providing the appropriate knowledge about Islam. To confront a belief, killing the believer is not helpful. Killing a believer who is a son or father might passionately cause their family to think that they should follow the beliefs of their beloved. Thus, it might conversely help spreading the false beliefs. Thus, do not fight the believers, do fight their beliefs.  Here, in our association, we are providing a genuine peaceful knowledge about Islam and Quran and culturally clarifying the ambiguities through which abusers have misguided people. The knowledge is presented all around the world through published books, conference presentations, talks, seminars, web contents and also short instructive videos on Revealer TV our YouTube channel.

We want to discover the truth behind Islam and remove superstitions and false beliefs which causes the wars and fights in the world

Stop war by removing the cause

Help us in our cultural movements for peace

Help us to stop false Islamic beliefs

We work towards peace

All our projects are to make a more peaceful world. But it’s only in a peaceful world that our educating, knowlege spreadign and humanitarian projects can make a lasting impact. It is not true that a sound of a single bomb is lauder than sound of wisdom but it can distract people from follownig the way of knowlege and visdom.

We advocate for more responsible, cooperative, and transparent governments. We educate all people from all religeons about the Islam they know and what islam really is without all the distortions and wrong interpretations. Crusades Wars is a good historical evidence of cultural movement power. Throughout these wars, around 2,000,000 people died, surely much more than the number of people who died by poverty and hunger at that era and probabl in our era. We are now the witness of all the wars happening and most of them religeon is involved and in most of the religeous wars ISLAM is deeply involved, areligeon that should be spreading peace and love is being abused. But we help build the world of tomorrow, a world of compassion, understanding, Love and Peace. Peace between people and religeons and goverments.

Our Peace projects

Revealer TV

We have established researched groups based on a scientific structure (philology and Quran) to conduct researches on origins of religious superstitions, religious abuses and related violence within Islamic societies.
Based on these researches and investigations, our community has gained interesting facts regarding Islam, which were completely hidden before. General public are not aware of these facts; consequently, religious leaders/heads always take advantage of this popular unawareness that has caused religious disasters, crimes &wars.Visit here:  RevealerTV

Paper Presentation in Baltimore And Boston (2013-2015)

1- Necessity of Religion from Genetics Point of View

BY Mohammad Babaee, Fatemah Tabatanae , Saadat Bagherigaleh, & Atefeh Katrahmani

2- Religion, Science & Genetics

BY Ramin Soltani and Seyyed Bahram Borgheai

3- Islam: Religion of Health and Not Submission

Bahram Borgheai, Amirali Jazayeri, Javad Moshfegh From Muslims of the United States Presented the results of our researches in AAR Conferences.

Book Distributions In New England Area

Publishing and distribution of Islamic books that we bought the copyright as a gift to society. These books are approved by Muslims of US for not being distorted or changed for supporting a government or power, they are only pure knowlege about islam and what it realy is and what it relly means.Here is a report of free distributed books by Association for Muslims of United States:

Islam – The way of health not submission

Muslims of US has just bought the Islam – The way of health and as a part of our contribution to muslims communities, our mission to improve muslims knowlege and awareness and introducing the truth of islam to the world as a part of the enlightening project, we decided to make Islam – The way of health available to download for free at  You can download the whole PDF Version of the book Here for free. You can do it on Mohammad Babaee’s books website too!

Download Here for free 

This version of the book is free and ready to download under copy rights held by muslims-us. Any commercial use without contacting muslims-us is illegal. If you are interested in participating to make this valuable book available in other forms and places please contact us. Muslims-US

Comments from the old website:

  • 1. Muslim | 06 Nov 2015

I’m really impressed by these new meanings of Islam you are revealing. I researched and I can confirm what you’re saying is true. I wonder why I did not take a look into dictionaries before myself.
Most of all, I’m shocked with the comments criticizing your work and specifically the one that says “core Islamic values are completely against peace and tolerance”!!!
This really shows us why all around the world people are against Islam!
Anyways, keep up the great job you’re doing in here. I hope someday everyone knows the true values of Islam.


  • 2. peacelover | 06 Nov 2015



  • 3. rayman | 06 Nov 2015

I hope you guys eradicate ignorance of muslims and other people


  • 4. Kazem | 06 Nov 2015

I forgot to say I donate.


  • 5. Riah | 06 Nov 2015

Alhamdu lilah , I see peace is being propagated in the world through Islam


  • 6. Kazem | 06 Nov 2015

I believe according to the meaning of Islam, which is related to health in all aspects of human, the main aim of it is bringing peace to the whole world. I support this idea.

Good luck guys.


  • 7. Amir | 06 Nov 2015

I like your idea
Islam is the religen of peace but someone try to interpret it as they want.
So I certainly help you to distributes your beliefs and introduce the real Islam to the moslims and non muslims


  • 8. H.A | 30 Oct 2015

I believe you have done a great job.
I like this Islam much more.
It is completely match with human essence.
Thank you and keep going.

no namer

  • 9. no namer | 30 Oct 2015

Islam religion of peace? Come on…!!!

Sandeep R.

  • 10. Sandeep R. | 17 Oct 2015

Why are you guys trying so desperately westernize Islam by spinning all kinds of lies such as, Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, etc., when core Islamic values are completely against peace and tolerance? This is blasphemy. If you want to be a Muslim, be it by all means, if not, abandon it, but do not deceive people by spinning all these lies.