Nodbeh, Komeil and Tavasol

Events about community Praying and quran

Muslims of USA Nodbe, Komail and Tavasol professional performers.

Our professional performing staff are a true gift for us in USA. We hold differrent events and islamic talks for interpritations of quran and praying.

You can find the details about our new events here or email us at from our contact page for the most recent events updates.

Here is a short introduction to our performers:

Our professional religious performers have a good and long experience in performing in different types of religious ceremonies in Iran and for a while here in US. Here in USA they honored us to be with us in our weekly sessions and events to improve the quality of our ceremonies every year. Mr Borgheai, Mr Farahbakhsh and Ms Tabatabaee all ahve been helping us and we have been using their experience to create a more pure, clear and the finest spiritual experience for our members and peoples that come to our events. God bless them.


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SeyedehSara khatami (Women)

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We have held events for praying including Nodbeh, Komeil and Tavasol here in US for he last two years and we will be more than happy to have you all with us praying.

Join us

Every Friday Mornings Nodbeh

Every Thursday nights Komeil

Every Teusday Tavasol

Our singer and performer is Mr. Farhad Faahbakhsh

1.  Komeil Doa

lamentation by: Mr. Farhad Farahbakhsh
Thu,    9-10 PM

2. Nodbeh Doa

Lamentation by: Mrs. Fatemeh Sadat Tabatabaei Fard
Fri,  7:30 AM

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