Quran Classes to Learn Quran for Women 2017-2018

Muslims of US IRH holding classes to Learn quran for women

Muslims of US classes to Learn quran and Understand the true meanings of Quran

In these classes that are only for women, you can get to know the true meaning of Quran translations and interpretations. Also Basics and essencials of Quran will be thought. Ignorance is the most important enemy of Human in this life and we as muslims should do our best to learn and understand and fight Ignorance. Do you know many of the muslims are no aware of the distortions and wrong meanings and false claims made by religeouse abusers in Islam. We may be one of those many. In this class we try to give our members the basics of Quran and understanding it. For deeper dive in to Quran meanings Download our book: Islam Religion of health and not submission.

To get more Info and apply for the classes please email us to this email : Info@muslims-us.org

The teacher and instructer is SeyedehSara khatami for all Qurann classes for women.
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