Meaning of Allah (الله)

Meaning of Allah (الله)


 Three roots have been enumerated [1] for “الله”:

1. “اله” means an entity that existence of other things depends on it. For example when a person stands in front of a mirror his image entirely depends on the person being reflected in it. In fact the person is “اله” of his image. So this it is evident from this that in the absence of the person, there would be no image in the mirror.

2. derived from “وله” meaning “being astonished” and that its hamza is the substitute of “واو”.

3. Derived from “اله” which means “reliance to” as well as “dread from”. It means that people escape toward Him (The Almighty).



Allah is One regarding whom all perceptions are being amazed by comprehending His Divine Essence [1].

[1] M. Babaee, Translation and Interpretation of Hamd and Tawheed Surah, pp. 8-16, 2013.