Meaning of tawhid al surah (توحید) in quran

Meaning of tawhid al surah (توحید) in quran


Hello my Muslim friends

Surely you are familiar with /Tawhid/ Surah. And the verse /lam yalid va lam youlad/ is familiar to you.

How does this verse translated in Quran you have ever seen?

Did not and was not born!!!!

So, what did you understand from that? Most of the understandings are the negation of having parents.

/yalid/ and /youlad/ both rooted from /valada/ which means to create and issue something from something.

This verse actually says: Nothing is created or issued from the essence of God and God itself is not issued from something.

Quran says that the Creator and the creatures are not separated from each other while they are not one. This means that the creatures are not detached from the divine essence.

So, in your opinion, where do the creatures come from?

Aren’t they created from God?

Aren’t they issued from God?

How much do you know about God and monotheism?

If we translate the /Tawhid/ Surah word by word, it is inferred from the above verse that: The creatures are not separated from God and God is not also separated from his creatures, but in a way that is inconceivable for us God and the creatures are not one. This means that the whole creation is the emanation of God not God itself.

Generally, this verse talks about creation not just parents.

Interpretation of this verse to parents or child is an unreasonable attitude.

Don’t you think it is more beautiful if it was written in translation that:

Being that does not issued something and He is not also issued from something.

In fact, distortion is impossible in Quran itself, these are the translations that have deviated this divine miracle from its real nature.