What is the meaning of “ISLAM”?

Islam Meaning

What is the meaning of “ISLAM”?

What does “ISLAM” truly means?

Do you believe Islam is the religion of terror?

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Islam: Religion of Health and not Submission



The name of any religion represents one of the hallmarks of that religion.

Do you know what is the meaning of the word Islam?

Most people in subordination of false religious missionaries, incorrect translations and interpretation books, consider the meaning of Islam as submission.

But this is a distortion which some religious abusers promoted to enslave their followers.

Let’s take a look at some lexicons.

According to etymologists the word Islam comes from the root salama [sælæmæ] which means health.

Aslama [æslæmæ] means entering in health, Islam means choosing health.

In fact submission which is a more common meaning of Islam, is just an obvious distortion and does not have any Logical or scientific basis.

It is mentioned in verse 85 of Al-e-Emran [æl-i:- i:mræn]:

He who chooses a religion other than health, it will not be accepted from him, and in the everlasting life he will be among the losers.

Or in verse 3 of Maeda [mæi:dæ] it is mentioned:

I have perfected your religion for you and completed my favor to you. I have approved health to be your religion.

From Quran’s perspective, anyone who acts and behaves in order to gain personal, family, society, nature and world health is a Muslim, and anyone who harms herself, her family, friends, society or nature is guilty.

Maybe someone do not consider himself as Muslim, while he is. And another individual names himself Muslim while he is not.

So definitely the one who produces or consumes cigarettes or drugs, is not a Muslim.

The one who is not calm and happy, do not do exercise and is depressed or sad is not a Muslim.

The one who is militant, invades others privacy, and harms others is not Muslim.

Considering correct meaning of Islam, we can recognize a Muslim from his happy, calm, athletic and clean-limbed appearance and in general from his health.

Islam is the religion of health.

Interestingly, the color green is symbol of Islam and the color of Islam’s flag.

Green is a symbol of nature, health and life.

And it exactly agrees with Islam’s meaning, which is choosing health.

But why there are no any Islamic countries as top ranked countries n health rankings.

Why in peace and calmness ranking, most Islamic countries are low ranked?

Why in happiness ranking most Islamic countries are beyond the mean?

Why the keywords of religion of god are not translated correctly?

Who is in the favor of this distortion?


Islam: Religion of Health and not Submission

Islam: Religion of Health and not Submission

Islam: Religion of Health :

Name is the main representative of a school of thought, especially about Islam religion, which according to the Muslim’s beliefs, God himself has determined its name in the holy book of Qur’an[1]. Islam mostly has been translated and interpreted as submission. In this article first, based on a theological approach, this interpretation has been challenged. The base of reasoning is that creatures are intrinsically per se submissive to the divine; therefore not being submissive is not possible and insisting on submission as the main representative of a religion from God is not plausible.

Then the meaning of Islam has been investigated from an etymological point of view. The term ‘Islam’ (‘اسلام’) is rooted from ‘سلم’ /s l m/ which means “entering to health” and it has become transitive by taking it to “باب الافعال”. Therefore its literal meaning is “making healthy and giving health”. Then by an inter religion point of view the consistency of this new meaning of Islam will be investigated. The word ‘Islam’ has been used 8 times in Qur’an. In this article the translations of these notations by both submission and health have been compared and consistency of two meanings has been discussed based on which, the meaning of “religion of health” has been inferred. This new meaning shows more consistent translation of Qur’an in comparison with that of submission interpretation. Afterward historically we discuss why this meaning has been concealed throughout the history; the most important reason is the warrior spirit of Muslims during the first decades after its prophet’s death.

Finally we demonstrate how fruitful this new meaning could be which the most significant one is its consistency and alignment with science, since “Health” is a concept that has been targeted in many branches of science like medicine and psychology.
[1] Al imranSurah, verse 85- MaidahSurah, Verse 3