Meaning of Momin in quran “مؤمن”

Meaning of Momin in quran “مؤمن”



How many years have you been Muslim?

How much do you know about Islam?

Do you know the position of sadness and happiness in Islam?

Have you heard from religious leaders that Momin has to be sad?

Quran calls a true Muslim as Momin. And believes being Momin is the ultimate emancipation.

But who is Momin?

How can we distinguish Momin from non-Momin?

Momin is from the root of /amana/ which means to be calm and feel secure. Since it is used in the form of /Mof’el/ it gets a subjective meaning and refers to a person who has reached inner calmness, feels secure and always maintains this state.

Well, by correct translation of Momin, it is clear that from Quran’s point of view, Momin is a person who:

1-Is never sad or sorrowful

2-Has absolute inner calmness

3-Is never stressed or worried, neither about this world nor hereafter

4-Is always happy and calm, inside and outside

5-Has achieved his calmness through faith to God and wisdom, not any other way.

Therefore, everyone who feels sad or sorrowful, fearful or worried, or is not happy, he is not only Momin but also is the opposite of Momin.

How about those hadiths that encourage to sadness? Doesn’t they contradict with the true meaning of Quran?

Does scientific research agree with the true meaning of the word Islam, which is “entering to health”?

Let’s look at the scientific research on the influence of sadness on cognition. Sadness and depression adversely affect perception, attention, memory, and executive functions. This suggests that sadness degrades learning.

Therefore, those who encourage their followers toward sadness and grief, they reduce their memory, attention, perception, and learning ability; In fact, they make them sick, reduce their mental ability and keep them in ignorance.

Well, how happy and calm are the Islamic societies?

In the 19 happiest countries in the world, based on the Gross Domestic Product, healthy life expectancy, generosity and so forth, unfortunately you don’t see any Islamic country!

Therefore, Momin is a person who has reached inner calmness not sadness;

feels secure not fearful;

and always maintains this state.

In fact, distortion is impossible in Quran itself, these are the translations that have deviated this divine miracle from its real nature.