Mojrim ( مجرم ) meaning in quran

Mojrim ( مجرم ) meaning in quran

In many Quran interpretations and translations, the word Mojrem /mojrim/, is translated as someone who did something wrong, which means guilty.

But when we take a look at lexicons we find out a different meaning.

Mojrem /mojrim/, blocked fruit. not being beneficiary.


An existence that is prolific in nature, and for any reason is not any more.

In Quran’s perspective, naturally human is an existence with beneficial and advantageous acts, unless in case of sickness in which he would not be beneficial nor for himself neither for others and he would run out of benefits.

In Quran’s perspective, Mojrem /mojrim/ is not criminal, ,  rather someone who prevents his benefits from himself and others.

The individual may consider himself innocent before GOD, because of not being harmful for others, but Quran considers neutrality and not being fruitful as guilt.

So Mojrem /mojrim/ means: not being beneficial, not being helpful for self and others, being neutral.


So, in Quran ‘s perspective being neutral and also not being beneficial for others considers as guilt and this people would suffer in both this world and the other world.


Why Quran’s fundamental words are not translated correctly?


If Religious missionaries had translated these fundamental words correctly, the Muslims would have been the most benevolent people in the world, and Muslims would be known from their acts not their claim.