Religion in Islam

Religion in Islam


Investigating the meaning of the term “دین” ([din]) both etymologically and also by its usage in Quran is an effective step in knowing religions, including Islam. The term “دین” in Arabic language is taken from Semitic language which means law. This term has been also used in Quran with the same meaning.

Quran has used one single term universally and also in a singular and not plural form for all religions and also schools of thought. This will help in a pluralistic account of the religion concept in Islam.  Quran, by using additives such as  “دین الله” [din olläh][1]   or  “دین القیم” [din olq æ jem][2] or “ل” [l][3] has specialized its chosen religion.

In some verses of Quran the term “دین” has been used along with the term “شریعت”  [sh æ ri æ t] rooted from “شرع” [sh æ  r’] which originally means “to clarify or to uncover” and  refers to the clarity of religion.

In Quran it has been indicated that “there is no force (or oppression) in accepting the religion [since] the growth (or develop) is apparent from misleading. “[4]  i.e., in order to understand the religion, there is no need for solving a puzzle and the way of growth is obvious for all people. In another quota[5] the reason has been indicated by defining the religion as: “the divine intrinsic basement which the creation of people is based on it”.

Defining religion as the intrinsic base of creation leaves door open for a scientific interpretation of religion in which it is based on human being’s inherent (genetic) structure. That’s how the religion becomes the way to reach the growth and health and also can be clear for everybody without a need for any mysterious explanation.

[1] Law of God

[2]  Steady religion

[3] Like “the” in English

[4] verse 256 of Baqarah Surah

[5] Verse 30 of Room Surah