The words /Nour/ & “light” in Quran “نور”

Meaning of The words /Nour/ & “light” in Quran “نور”



Are you familiar with the word ”Nour”?

if you are a Muslim , Surly you have heard these verses:

But, according to the minister’s teachings, how is /Nour/ translated in Quran and what is the common understanding of this word?

Normal People know the word /Nour/ as light.

Interpreters and translators of Qur’an also describe it and its opposite as decent and evil, good and bad or pain and pleasure.

Science describes it as photon or electromagnetic fields.




So based on these meanings, what does “Allah is the /Nour/ of the heavens and the earth” mean?

it is interesting to know that all these meanings are understandings of Qurans interpreters for the word /Nour/.

The word /Nour/ literally means the revealer

From Quran perspective, /Nour/ and also lighting are not photon or electromagnetic waves; rather the revealing itself is /Nour/. Photon and electromagnetic waves are already revealed entities in our world, so they are not /nour/ but their revealing in its own should be accounted as /nour/

When we use the word “reveal” surly we refer to an observer, because it doesn’t make sense to reveal something without anyone observing the whole event. Whom is it revealed for? Revealing just does make sense when there is an observer possessing life and consciousness.

Therefore when we say “Allah is the /nour/ of the heavens and the earth” it means that Allah is the revealer of heavens and the earth; not just for seeing, either seen or not. In fact, /Nour/ is the element which donates existence into creatures and reveals them from nothing.

So the rate of revealing for a creature determines the level of its consciousness and awareness.

When God says “take them out of the light into darkness” or when says “brings them out from darkness into the light”, actually refers to the fact that the being in whole is not equally revealed for all creatures. Creatures will find their awareness more vague and restricted as they enter into the darkness and will find it more complete and broad as they enter into the light.

And the verse “Allah is the /Nour/ of the heavens and the earth” will mean “Allah is the one, who revealed heavens and earth for creatures by creating life and awareness”

Knowledge is that part of the being which is revealed to a creature by /Nour/ or light.

So this prophet Mohammad’s quote that says: “Knowledge is not reached by massive Education, but is the light which God puts on the heart of whoever desires.

Education does not increase the awareness, corresponding to senses and cognition of creatures, but the Lord as the creator, is the one who determines the limits of awareness of creatures and make it restricted or expanded.

For example, we cannot educate a chicken up to the awareness level of a human baby. If the chicken awareness is changed and suddenly developed, it can be able to understand and perceive the kind of things that an ordinary chicken cannot do. In such cases, we can say that the chicken has entered from darkness to light or /Nour/.

So /Nour/ means the revealer.

And /Nour al Nour/ means the revealer of all revealers.

/Yaa nour al nour/.