The true meaning of MAKR (مکرالله) in quran

The true meaning of MAKR (مکرالله)


Have you ever heard of the phrase, “//makr// of god”? What does //makr// mean? Is god deceitful? What have you heard about /makr/ of god?

These verses are from Quran:

And they deceived and god deceived as well. Indeed god is the best deceiver.

They deceived and we deceived while they were unaware.

Does god deceive and cheat like us or even more complicated?

Does god, who is the creator of everyone and everything, need to cheat or to be deceitful?

According to the Qur’an, Don’t we believe, that whatever god decides to be done, would be done in glimpse of an eye?

In /Mufradat al Quran/, it’s mentioned that “/makr/” means changing someone’s mind, in a way that it is not revealed to the person himself.

There are two types of /makr/, praised and blamed. The praised /makr/ is the /makr/ of god for his creatures and this is called hidden because human beings are not able to sense them using their five senses. And it’s praised because god plans for good.

And the blamed /makr/ is people’s /makr/ because human beings are needful and every trick they plan is to resolve their needs. Even if a human wants to plan for good, since he is imperfect and limited to five senses, he cannot be ultimate good. It’s like a blind person trying to lead another blind towards good deeds.

Thus, the word /makr/ in Arabic does not mean cheating, fraud, or deception, in contrast /makr/ means planning for someone else in a way it is not revealed to him, that is a hidden plan.

God’s /makr/ means anything that He plans for his creatures while it is hidden from them.

Now let’s take a look at the verses with their true meaning:

They made a hidden plan and god planned hidden as well, indeed god is the one who plans hidden for good.

They planned hidden and we planned hidden, while it was not revealing to them and they cannot understand it completely.

Almost all of the god’s plans are not observable by humans’ feelings and perception.

In fact, with god’s power and dominance, he does not need cheating and deceiving.

Thus, Quran has been distorted in its translation, rather than its original text.

Why the keywords of Quran are not translated correctly?

Who is in favor of hiding the true meaning of Quran?